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Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Steps

Hello freak blizzard! We've been assaulted all night and day by a sudden snowstorm (after all that 50-60 degree weather..!) and we now have at least a foot of snow out there, maybe more like 14". This one was definitely the worst I've seen since I've been in CT, and understandably, the horses did not leave the barn today. The wind was howling at a sustained 30 or so miles per hour, and you couldn't walk out the door without being bowled over by a wall of snow. Gogo got two nice handwalks, and instead of jumping her (which had been the original plan before the snowstorm and the episode yesterday), I decided to revisit yesterday's issue. I have a neck stretcher, and I disassembled the rope chambon and created my own new version - it had the nylon crownpiece and the neck stretcher elastic instead of the rope. Then, armed with cookies, I brought her out into the arena and led her around for a few minutes. Once she was quietly walking, I rigged up the chambon very loosely, gave many cookies and much praise, and continued to walk. At some point I tightened the chambon to where it would normally be, gave many more cookies, and continued to walk - I even let her out on the line a little ways and let her continue to walk. She stayed very quiet the entire time, listening very politely to my voice commands. I attempted at some point to quietly lead her from the other side - the right, which is the scary side - and she had a few moments of hesitation, but changed her mind before any serious blowup happened. Baby steps, baby steps! If we have to keep quietly at it like this for however long, then so be it. She was very good about it today, and I think, with lots of cookies and pats, that she'll get over it once again and have her head back on straight.

Now here's the bad news - after yesterday's antics, this shocking lump appeared on her chest:

YIKES! Sorry about the crap pictures - taken in a dark stall under a blankie at nightcheck time. That area is right where the chambon runs between her legs, so it HAD to be from that when she was freaking out. It is very hard and painful to touch, and a little bit warm. Some more drugs and lots of coldhosing and HPQR gel later, and it seems to be smaller but still very obvious. I hope she didn't do any real muscle damage. She's not lame (surprise) but it definitely hurts her when you touch it. I have got to get her over this. I don't want her to hurt herself any more than she already has.

Coming soon: End of February analysis and March goals!

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Lorider said...

My 6y/o TB gelding Teddy had one of those last spring.. I suspected he was kicked in the chest by one of his pasturemates at the boarding barn I kept him at...a few weeks later, he got another one, from another kick...hematoma/ goes to the lowest point of gravity we are 9 mos out from it and it has still not reabsorbed completely yet...gotten smaller and firmer..cold hosing helped but nothing I've done has resolved it. I spoke to the vet about resecting it and it would be more of a problem than just letting it reabsorb over time.