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Friday, November 28, 2008


Holy freaking TIRED Batman. We're on our way to Meriden, CT and GOD that was a long haul today. We're more than halfway there (stopped in Bloomsburg PA for the night), but it was a solid 12 hours today and it wasn't easy. I almost got killed by some very aggressive road-rage wars (I was the innocent bystander going 70mph behind the two cars and almost swerved into... TWICE), I got to stop and see Alex for all of a half hour (but any moment I get with her is worth it, so it was okay), and got to radio-surf every stadion under the sun, from horrible country music to talk shows about cooking with breastmilk. O.o

I also got to enjoy my horse's amazing set of brains, as I always do when doing out of the ordinary things like trailering for 12 hours a day. She can hop on a trailer, be totally content to just stand there and munch hay ALL DAY, and then when I stop at a rest area to take a walk (where it is ummmmmm illegal to have livestock I believe), she can hop out and wander around with me near the busy highway where there are cars and screaming children and a flight of stairs (yes, we climbed actual stairs today) in order to get to a snowy patch of grass to play in, and she just looks around with interest at everything. Nothing concerns her, EVER! Actually I think she has more brains when we're in an unfamiliar place than when we're in a place we get to see every single day. I really just think she gets bored and her mind wanders. She LOVES getting off at a new place and looking around at everything there is to see.

My horse is awesome. And I can just toss her in an unfamiliar stall in an unfamiliar barn with a stud across the way nickering at her and she's totally happy to just chill out and munch hay and ignore everything around her.

Tomorrow..... Connecticut, and our collective new home.

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kickthedeadhorse said...

good to hear everything is going good so far! i miss you guys!!