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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not too much to report.

I haven't had anything much to report on the Gogo front lately. She eats and eats and eats, naps under her shady tree, and eats some more. She's enormously fat now that the grass has been refreshed - we've had a fair bit of rain from the huge storms that spent the past week rolling through the area, and everything looks green and refreshed. We've had somewhere between 10 and 20 reported tornados in the area, and have had at least one close call every day for the past several days, yesterday being the first that hasn't been filled with terror and hiding in my hallway.

Check out the hail:

That is some big hail. I've never seen anything like it. And the storms that rolled through dropped BASEBALL sized hail in some places. And tornados, obviously.

We're all fine here. Gogo spent the scariest nights in a stall in the barn, away from the knock-you-on-the-head-kill-you-dead hail. I hope everyone else that experienced this recent set of storms is okay... I heard over 250 people died, and that we've had over 800 reported tornados, surpassing the old April all-time record of about 550 or so. It's been insane, to say the least.

Work is exhausting, school is crazy intense, and I've been super tired from doing the work of two people on no days off for a month now (our other staff member left in the beginning of April, and I am the sole employee now until we find someone else)... so I've just not had much energy to write, or do anything beyond study and try to maintain some sort of semblance to a normal existance. Not having any days off to recoup has been a bit damaging to me, physically as well as emotionally. Readers who were around last year might remember when I blew my hip out when I worked for two weeks straight and played catch every night in order to keep myself sane, and suffered horribly for it. I've been wanting to run again, but I've been getting increasingly uncomfortable, and am worried that the hip might blow out again. I've been working every day, doing everything in the barn, riding both competition horses, and doing most every night check. And I'm exhausted.

Which is why I haven't written much. I'm just not feeling so great.

Rolex is this weekend, and once again, I'm not going. I'm just as annoyed about it this year as I was last year. Next year, I am NOT missing it. I absolutely refuse.

I need a nap!


Terry said...

Time to move on?

Terry said...

I meant job-wise. Sounds like you're being over worked.

heater a. said...

Did you get a new dog? That doesn't look like Ty!

That's good that you get to ride something. Hang in there!

jenj said...

It IS exhausting taking care of that many horses solo. Hang in there and take good care of yourself. Hopefully they will find someone else to help out soon.

Dom said...

That is some seriously impressive hail.

Andrea said...

Oh I still have Ti! That's just my other pup Tonka. She was pulled off a chain in somebody's backyard in January. She's about 10 or 11 months old, we think a Dobe/Rott mix. She is a perpetual motion machine and she could NOT not be in my picture!

achieve1dream said...

I feel you on the storms. It's been a very, very scary spring. I'm so tired of this insane, crazy weather. I hope things get better on that front for everyone in the southeast.

That sucks about the job. I was sort of in that position when my manager broke his ankle and I know it sucks not having days off. I was lucky I did get one off every week though so it wasn't as bad as what you're going through, but I can imagine and sympathize. I hope things get better for you soon.