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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here Yesterday, Gone Today

Wow... sometimes you hear news that just blows your mind.

Remember where we did all our rehab work last winter before the weather improved and we were able to continue on outside? This indoor:

(Also a fun video. She's my special girl.)

It collapsed last night under the latest insane amount of snowfall Connecticut has dealt with in the past month. Totally demolished. Gone. I also heard reports of several other arenas in the area also caving in, and I know of at least two barns that collapsed, one of which killed two trotter mares. Wow. They got everybody out of my old place ahead of time as they were worried about the attached barn, and it's a lucky thing they did. I can't believe it.

Go hug your barns and arenas!


Dom said...

I've been hearing about a lot of roof collapses. SCARY. Glad you guys were far, far from there when this happened and that no horses were killed.

manymisadventures said...

Oh no :( I hadn't even thought of that with all the crazy snow. Scary.

I am really glad to hear they got the horses out of there.

Ruffles said...

Crap, at least every ones okay at your place !

Natalie Keller Reinert said...

There used to be this rectangular area outside of the barn I rode at in Maryland. It had a low wooden outline and was the size of a very small riding arena. I asked what it was one day and my trainer told me how she was training horses, went into the barn to put a horse away, and right behind her the entire thing caved in under snow and ice.

Very scary situations.

Abby said...

This happened at my barn last year and it was very scary indeed. Glad to hear everyone was OK.

Kate said...

I am in RI and between RI, MA, and CT I have heard of at least six barns/indoors collapsing. It it awful :( My barn has a metal roof and the snow slides right off of it. I never really gave it a second thought until this year. Very scary indeed.

Michaela said...

It's true. Roof collapses are getting more and more common as the SNOW REFUSES TO STOP! I'm really getting tired of it. The roof of a dairy barn up here collapsed a few days ago. Two cows were killed instantly, and four had to be euthanized do to injuries. This was a huge barn though, with over 150 cows, so it wasn't a huge loss, but it was still tragic for those who were involved with it. The owner said in another half hour they would have started milking the cows, so it's lucky it happened when it did or else people would have been in it, too.
I'm glad all the horses in that barn were okay, it's so sad to hear about all of the losses. I didn't put my horse in for a storm we just had for fear it might happen to my barn. I don't usually stall him anyway as he prefers to be outside, but still. I'm scared to even cross tie him in the barn.

Amy B said...

That's terrible! I just moved my horse to a barn with an indoor, and the barn owner was talking about putting up snow stops because the snow sliding off the roof of the indoor freaks the horses out. One of the other boarders told her that we'd rather have spooked horses than a roof collapsing on us! The amount of snow this winter has been OUTRAGEOUS, and I'm sure the ice storm yesterday didn't help any struggling roof structures. Glad to hear everyone was ok, though!

sally said...

gosh that is terrible. I bet you are gald to be further south and away from the worst of the snow. Last winter here in NZ there was a stadium roof that collapsed under the weight of snow arenas though as most people have uncovered ones.Hope Gogo is being a good girl and her injuries are healing ok

katie said...

When my trainer built the barn back in the early 90's she employed the knowledge of contractors who built a local skating rink that had steel supports. She did this after multiple arenas that were just solid wood collapsed. Best thing ever. I never worry about it going down. Is your old place going to be able to rebuild?

Stacey said...

That is scary...glad you guys were far away. That is sad about the two mares though :(