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Friday, May 1, 2009

Rolex Kentucky 2009 - A Picture Journey

A picture journey through my Rolex trip this year:

The drive down was lovely, albeit a bit long. I flew to Cleveland and drove down with my fiancee, and we pulled it right around midnight.

The new facility looks awesome (complete with statue of Bruce Davidson and Eagle Lion negotiating the Head of the Lake complex), and we got to see a few people warming up for dressage.

They also had a FEH demonstation, and I had a heartattack when I found out who the lovely black filly was - I foaled her out at college, she was by our stallion and out of one of our schoolie mares and only the second foaling I had ever been present for, just one other student and myself. She was a minor dystocia at 2am, and we had to do some pulling. I was totally floored to find out that one of our stallion's offspring was actually DOING something! And wasn't evil either!

Fail... in years past, you could get in to see dressage without tickets. Now, you can't even get close. So, we watched on the Jumbotron. The Good Witch and Headley Brittania... MARE POWER! Bettina Hoy and Ringwood Cockatoo from Germany led with a 28.8... holy crap. Lucinda Fredericks and Headley Britannia (mare who already had won Badminton and Burghley) were in second with a 32. Third place and beyond were all in the 40's.

Rolex is fun.

Cross-country was amazing, as usual. Bettina Hoy had a rather frightening round and accumulated time faults, moving Lucinda Fredericks into first. The Good Witch suffered a fall on XC over the corners, but she's all right.


Headley Britannia wins it!! MARE POWER!!

The Good Witch through the Hollow:

Headley Britannia's winning stadium round:

It was awesome, and over way too fast.


Beckz said...

Man it looks like such an awesome show. I'd love to watch a four star, but the closest one is Australia.

Patricia said...

Awesome pictures Andrea. I love the one with you over the jump... holy crap you are waaaaayyy too high in the air!

As for BOWMNBN, he is refusing to let me leave the barn, begging really. Thankfully, he leaves me and my horse alone for the most part, so I don't have to be so angry at him all the time. I clean my own stall, I turn Shorty out, etc. I can tell already that when I do leave, it isn't going to be pretty, especially since he gets free advertising for the $900 (including travel and video taping) that I paid to be certified in dressage. *Le Sigh*

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Jenn said...

Hey, they ran the hollow "backwards" this year! When they run it as a drop it scares the crap out of me...those are mighty big downward leaps, not so scary going up though.

DressageInJeans said...

How awesome!! Watching that kind of stuff makes me feel lame and nonathletic, lol!

So when's Gogo going? ;)

Complete sidenote, but I have a hoof question for you! I remember your photo with Gogo's hoof on some monster looking rocks, so I wanted your advice on it. You're my self-proclaimed expert, woo! I took Key on a trail ride this afternoon, and the trail is almost ALL gravel. He took maybe one or two awkward steps in an hour of walking, and his hooves look rough but not damaged in any way. Do you think taking him through it a few times would be a good idea to harden up the hoof? I was considering buying hoof boots to protect him, and then just take them off for increasing amounts of time rather then an hour trail ride with his feet ALL on rocky gravel surface. I don't know.

I'll stop rambling and see what you can make out of my comment before continuing. ;)