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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gogo the Fattie

I have a few pictures of Gogo when I first got her, when she was about 200lbs overweight, and I wanted to put them up for comparison, seeing as I was talking about her really not being emaciated right now thanks very much guys and her saddle fitting her when she was a tub of lard. I'm sad I don't have any straight on conformation shots, but there you are.


And now, as a comparison, here is Gogo actually being emaciated after I got her back from Death Trainer Lady:

Compare these two the photos from the ones yesterday.

It is 1 degree outside and not even 5am and I have to go out and be in the cold barn. Suck as.


Stacey said...

Those first two pics...HOLY CRAP is that really a TB?!?!?! LOL

Andrea said...

Haha well, she's not a TB! She's a Holsteiner with lots of TB in her, lol.

JJ said...

She looks like a completely different horse in the fat pictures. Even her head looks different, although I suppose that is just the angle. She definitely looks better now!

Stacey said...

Ok, I feel dumb now. Why did I think she was a TB?! Sorry :(

Stacey said...

I think I'm just too used to seeing OTTB's going in to the Eventing world.

Serena said...

Um, HOW do you get such a good clip? That looks PHOTOSHOPPED, it's so clean! :) Don't suppose you would travel to Idaho to do mine? What is your secret? is it clipper/blade combo?

Beth said...

she looks rubinesque in the "fat girl" pics. I think she looks fantastic in the bottom pics (with her trace clip).

My WB came to me as a big fatty too. They get over weight so easy.

Anonymous said...

what did you see in her to make you bring her home?

Andrea said...

Serena, aside from making sure the blades are nice and sharp and kept clean during the clip, and making sure you start with a clean horse, all it takes is a little masking tape and a steady hand. And practice, I think.

Anon, I think that comment was made in a mean sort of way, but I guess you're right in wondering that. Actually, beneath all that disgusting fat her conformation is all right, if you exclude her horrible topline. See this recent picture:

She's got her fairly glaring faults but overall, she's pretty well put together and is well-balanced with a very nice shoulder. And hey, she's got a nice tail.
What sold me on this horse is her lovely gaits, her unbelievable scopiness over fences, and her totally level-headed mind and amazingly brave attitude. Underneath all the fat, there was a diamond in the rough.

Serena said...

MASKING TAPE . . . genius! I tried chalk once; that was the Loser Olympics.