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In Loving Memory...
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6/2/01 - 10/11/11
~ Forever the Marest of Them All ~

Monday, May 7, 2012

Quincy, 8 years later.

May 3rd marked the 8-year anniversary of Quincy's death. Are the words for how time flies so much faster the further you get away from an event? At this point it seems like such a sad, distant memory. He's been gone for so long... sometimes it feels like just yesterday, sometimes it feels like an eternity. Will it feel like this years from now for Gogo? I don't know.

Go pay some tribute to his memory, and read a little bit more about him. He was truly an angel, and I owe so much to him. I'll forever be grateful for his love.

Tributes to Quincy

I'll always miss you, Fuzzman.

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